How to add footnotes to your WordPress posts

If you’re writing something academic or otherwise want to insert references without interrupting the flow of your writing, you may want to insert footnotes into your WordPress content.

There is a plugin in the WordPress repository called Easy Footnotes which really lives up to its name.

Once installed and activated, just enter a simple shortcode anywhere you want to add a footnote. The shortcode takes the form:


That’s it. The plugin handles the rest. The plugin will:

  • Number the footnotes sequentially.
  • Show the footnote when you hover over the footnote label.
  • Add the footnotes to the end of the content.
  • Provide anchors which allow you to click from the footnote to the point in the text where the footnote is used.

The footnotes have good HTML markup allowing you to style them according to your needs.


And just like that, you’ve got fully functioning footnotes and your content automatically looks more trustworthy and well-researched.

Get Easy Footnotes

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