Add a Column to Easily Note the Post ID

Post ID Column

After recently writing my post “Include a Post within a Page or Post“, I was in the process of writing a tutorial to give you an easier way to find the Post ID, by adding a column in the post editor screen.

Well, it seems that WP Snipp pipped me to the post as they just published a post doing exactly that. So rather than go through the rigmarole of writing the snippet myself, I’m going to give you his snippet. Drop it into your functionality plugin to use it:

Now when you go to your posts (or pages) screen, you’ll see that there’s an additional column that shows your post ID for easy reference. Pretty handy huh? Thanks for the snippet Kevin.

5 thoughts on “Add a Column to Easily Note the Post ID”

  1. This is very useful. Considering blogs that have thousands of articles, knowing the post id can help a lot.

    But small blogs don’t need it, I think… or not? anyway, great post

    1. I don’t think it matters about the size of the blog… whether you have 10 posts or 10,000, it’s a case of whether you need to know the post ID (for applications such as using a shortcode to display a post within a post).

  2. kevin Chard says:

    Hey glad to see that you like the snippet and yes this was something that I have found immensely useful.

  3. This is pretty cool, Dave. I just go to the permalink at the top of a post a click edit. The serial number shows up. I don’t really edit it!

    1. Yeah, I was thinking of writing a quick tutorial that shows information about the post to just the admin on the post itself, including the Post ID for instance. Much simpler than hunting for it in a URL.

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