A Better Planet

A Better Planet

In the last few days, a discussion has emerged in the community about the default WordPress Planet widget, which is installed in every single installation of WordPress (all 60 million+ installations), with the idea of providing relevant WordPress news to you.

The trouble is that the list of blogs that provide the news for the widget are either outdated, no longer updated, or no longer discuss WordPress (recent articles have included “Saudi Arabia Surveillance”).

What has been proposed is either revising the existing list, or creating a new list of more relevant blogs that provide news about WordPress today, and within a matter of hours, Oli Dale had created a plugin called A Better Planet.

The widgets polls data from 30 of the most relevant WordPress news sources today. Some of the sites that are included are:

  • Do It With WordPress
  • WP Daily
  • WP Explorer
  • WPBeginner
  • Post Status
  • Tom McFarlin
  • Konstantin Kovshenin
  • WPMU
  • WPMayor
  • WPLift

I think this is an excellent curation of content and a fitting replacement for the default WordPress Planet dashboard. Maybe someone will take heed and actually considering including this list in the WordPress Planet. We’ll see…

Download “A Better Planet”

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