17 Killer Writing Tips for an Internet Audience

How to write content for online readers

Yesterday, I had my first guest post published over at Blog Engage. The post, entitled ’17 Killer Writing Tips for an Internet Audience’ is a collection of thoughts about how your writing style online needs to be totally different to your more traditional writing styles.

It needs to be interactive, catchy, to-the-point and attention-grabbing. With so much information out there, you need to tweak your content to make sure that it’s seen and that when it’s seen, readers see your article through to the end without clicking away.

I’ll give you a little snippet of the article below and then I hope that you’ll go and read the full article, comment on it and share it with all your friends. In that order.

As a product of the 80s, I have grown up in a world where if I want to know something, it’s never too hard to find the answer. We’ve all seen an increase in the give-it-to-me-now attitude and with responsibilities and information springing up all around us, none of us have time to twiddle our thumbs any more.

Information has to be easy to find. It has to be concise, while being comprehensive enough to be of use.

As content creators, there is a lot that you can do to make your information more accessible to your internet audience. As you go through these tips, you’ll see how they’ll likely apply to how you hunt for information online.

General writing tips

Keep your Foot on the Gas

Creativity is the key to staying relevant, interesting and fresh online. In order to be creative, you need to spew all your thoughts down without subjecting them to editing. Write your entire article without stopping. Then go back and edit it afterwards.

Start in the Middle

Write the main part of your post first. Your post may not take the form that you initially thought, so you want to leave the introduction and conclusion until the main part of your post is set. This way your introduction grabs your readers’ attention and the post actually matches your introduction.

Now that I’ve given you a little taster, head over to Blog Engage to read the full article and then be sure to comment and share!

2 thoughts on “17 Killer Writing Tips for an Internet Audience”

  1. Unknown says:

    I agree that images and definitely re-reading your article before publishing are two important factors in blogging and I practice both with my blog. Images make articles attractive and much easier to read in my opinion for some reason. Also, constant grammatical mistakes are not very fun to read through and can dissuade visitors from reading on. I decided to comment here rather than on blog engage because I figured you would be more likely to see comments on your own site.

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for your input (and for commenting here – I certainly appreciate the comment here to continue the conversation). I have to say that grammatical mistakes are one of my pet peeves. Especially when you have to work so hard that you’re deciphering what they’re trying to say, as opposed to just an honest mistake.

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