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Improve WordPress email delivery inexpensively with Amazon SES

If you’ve ever had people complain that they aren’t receiving emails from your WordPress site, you aren’t alone. Amazon SES is the solution and the good news is, it’ll probably cost you less than $1 all year.

Check a field in Gravity Forms against a list of allowed values

This snippet allows you to check the value of a field against a list of permitted values to see whether it is valid. In my case, I needed to check whether the submitted company code matched one of the issued company codes to ensure that the user was permitted to sign up as an employee of an eligible company.

How to add dynamic CSS to WordPress with wp_add_inline_style()

With wp_add_inline_style, you can add CSS dynamically based on any data, such as post/user/term meta or settings from wp_options.

How to add footnotes to your WordPress posts

When you need to add footnotes to your WordPress content, there is a simple plugin which does all of the heavy lifting for you.

Enqueue scripts and styles with automatic versioning

Versioning your CSS and JS means that you can improve page speed by leveraging caching and this method does it all automatically for you by using the time the file was last modified as the version number.

MotoPress Slider: design beautiful sliders with ease

MotoPress bring their drag-and-drop editor to the slider world, allowing you to easily build beautiful slides to increase conversions, enhance engagement and promote key items.

Creating custom sites with post types, taxonomies and meta

Thanks for attending my talk at WordCamp Tampa 2015. Once the video is up on wordpress.tv, I’ll post it here to supplement the slides and links below – in the meantime, I’ve got a simple video up on Vimeo for you to go along with. Helpful links from the presentation Putting things where they belong (building a functionality plugin) GenerateWP WordPress Developer Code Reference WordPress Codex register_post_type() register_taxonomy() Dashicons CMB2 (wiki) WP_Query Template Hierarchy get_post_meta()

Show prefix/suffix for posts in a certain category

This function allows you to show a suffix or prefix on the post title for posts in a certain category without actually editing the post title.

Managing projects in git with branches

This is my development workflow that I use for projects based in git. The idea is simple: branch everything and create branches for each of your hosting environments too.

Deploying your plugin to GitHub and WordPress.org simultaneously with great ease

Using a deployment script is the quickest and easiest way to get your plugin or theme deployed to GitHub and simultaneously to wordpress.org. And the best part? You don’t need to know anything about Subversion.