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Bloom: a new email opt-in plugin for WordPress

Elegant Themes have released a new email opt-in plugin and it is extraordinarily beautiful, powerful and simple to use. They’ve hit that sweet spot of not overwhelming beginners nor underserving professionals.


How to deactivate certain plugins on your development servers

There are certain plugins that you simply don’t want running on your local or staging sites, so this is how I manage systematically deactivating them.

Add Link modal

Adding future, draft and private posts to the Add Link modal

I built a plugin that removes the limitation of only showing published content in the Add Link window in the WordPress editor, allowing you to link to scheduled, draft and private content at will.


How to run BuySellAds over SSL in WordPress

BuySellAds now supports SSL which means that you can upgrade your whole site to HTTPS even if you’re running BSA ad zones

You can make your site much more secure by taking this simple step

A simple snippet to force SSL for your whole site

This snippet will help you if you want to force visitors to view your site over HTTPS (using SSL), even if they try to use HTTP.

Duplication tools in the editor

How to duplicate/clone an existing post to a new one

Duplicate Post is a plugin that makes duplicating existing posts and pages very simple. It’s one of those plugins that “just works” and supports creating drafts and publishing posts from existing content.


KeyCDN – New CDN for WordPress [GIVEAWAY]

KeyCDN is a new player in the CDN market and with this giveaway you could take them for a test drive for free by winning a 1TB account

The Creative Commons Zero License Logo

Pixabay – free high-quality images for your WordPress site

Pixabay allows you to find professional-quality imagery released under the CC0 license, enabling you to use the images for free without any form of attribution

Get link to continue filling out Gravity Form

Save Gravity Forms progress and continue later

My favourite new feature in Gravity Forms 1.9 is the Save and Continue feature which lets users save their progress and come back later to finish completing the form: excellent for long forms / multi-page forms or where a user doesn’t currently have the information that they need to complete the form.


Saying goodbye to post formats

The time has come for me to end my use of post formats. I’ve used them since their creation, but a few years later, I’ve recognised that they’re more trouble than they’re worth, causing theme lock-in and nonsensical emails and RSS items.