Front page of a WordPress wedding theme
Front page of a WordPress wedding theme

The “Just Married” Wedding WordPress Theme from ThemeFuse


Earlier this week, ThemeFuse released a beautiful and creative theme. I don’t usually write about single themes, but this one really struck me as something unique, beautifully designed, well-built for its intended purpose and targeting a niche with a lot of potential to succeed in.

The theme, called Just Married was built to serve the community of loved-up couples looking to bring a modern twist to the rigmarole of organising a wedding.

Front page of a WordPress wedding theme


The theme enables you to compile a lot of information into a well-thought layout, that you would otherwise awkwardly be trying to people by word-of-mouth or by cramming extra information into your invitations. For example, you can put up all the places you are registered at, to allow people to buy you a wedding gift with ease.

Registry Information

There’s another feature allowing your guests to RSVP directly on your website, though, one noticeable omission in my opinion is that guests can’t specify how many people will be in their party, which is a common part of RSVPing to a wedding. Nonetheless, I love the idea of bringing RSVPs into the digital age.

There’s also built-in tools for adding things like details about the event (location, time etc.), who’s in the wedding party and where people can stay if you have arranged for a group discount hotel at a particular hotel.

Accommodation Information

You’re also afforded the ability to memorialise your story (useful for people who only know either the bride or the groom) as well as documenting the process of putting the wedding together and on in to your newly married life, using the blog feature.

Wedding WordPress theme blog

Lastly, after your big day, you might want to share your official (and unofficial) wedding photos with everyone, and while you could throw them all up in a gallery on Flickr, it looks far more stylish if you add them into your own gallery on your wedding site.

WordPress Wedding Gallery


There are several ways in which you can modify the appearance of your site. First of all, there are four color schemes:

  • Beige & Turquoise
  • Blue & Pink
  • Green & Red
  • Purple & Orange

You can also use the full-screen background images (which I think are easily the best choice), or there are two different patterns (paisley and a bouquet) in five color palettes (blue, green, pink, yellow and purple) to choose from.

The front page proudly sports the most important information, stylishly, like the names of those getting married and the date of the big day.

The whole theme has been really well thought out, with all the elements working together really well, and I know that if I wasn’t already married, I’d be sure to buy “Just Married” to organise and document the biggest day of my life. I guess I can always marry her again, right?

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  1. Woothemes should come up with something like this too! (As I’m getting married next year)

  2. anyone know how to enter the names of the bride and groom surrounding the “&”?

  3. I kind of which this was around when I got married. It sure would have made things easier to deal with, especially considering how many people were on the invite list…Though I am sure that the vast majority of our older family members would just call us anyways because they dont even know how to use the Internet. haha Either way, it is a great and clean theme

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