Backup WordPress regularly, with confidence.

BackupBuddy gets updated to 4.0

BackupBuddy has been upgraded to version 4.0 and there’s a number of nice new features, such as viewing the contents of backups and restoring individual files, and a new quick start screen.

A notification at the top of the members page showing that the form is incomplete.

Notify Users When They Haven’t Completed a Form

This tutorial goes through how to create a shortcode that allows you to create a notice for people who haven’t yet completed a specific Gravity Form on your site.


Create a Newsletter Widget with Gravity Forms

I wanted to add a widget to my sidebar to allow people sign up to my MailChimp list, so I built it myself using my very favourite plugin: Gravity Forms.

Soliloquy Themes

Soliloquy add-ons

Soliloquy is the best way to add a slider to WordPress, and with these add-ons, you can take it a step further and create media-rich content for your site.

A Better Planet

A Better Planet

Oli Dale has taken swift action and created a revised dashboard widget called A Better Planet for getting more relevant WordPress news in your dashboard than the WordPress Planet widget provides.

Gravity Forms - Survey Results

New Gravity Forms Add-on – Surveys

Gravity Forms have released a new add-on that allows you to create surveys, making collecting feedback from your users easier than ever.

Symple Shortcodes Demo

Symple Shortcodes – Add Style Elements to WordPress

Symple Shortcodes allows you to add style elements (like dividers, highlights, boxes, headings and buttons) to your posts easily. And it will continue to work even if you change themes, since it’s not attached to your theme (like so many shortcodes are).

Gravity Forms - for your WordPress form needs

Gravity Forms 1.7 Released – Improved Confirmations and Notifications

Gravity Forms v1.7 was released yesterday and confirmations and notifications have had a huge facelift, which is really going to expand the power of Gravity Forms.

DevPress dashboard

DevPress Dashboard – A New Theme for your WordPress Admin Dashboard

DevPress Dashboard reinvents your WordPress dashboard, making it sexier, easier-to-use and cleaner, improving your workflow around the backend of WordPress.

Importing bulk users into WordPress with AMU

Add Multiple Users for WordPress

Adding hundreds of user accounts manually in WordPress can be quite tedious, but with Add Multiple Users, you can upload a CSV file with all the info and create loads of users in a flash.