Creating SSH keys and connecting to your server in the easiest way possible

SSH keys are the quickest and most secure way to connect to your server. This is how to set up your Mac for the quickest possible access to your server, without having to remember IP address, port numbers or key locations.

DigitalOcean - Affordable VPS
How to Move from Blogger to WordPress

Moving from Blogger to WordPress – Your Guide

More and more people are taking advantage of the freedom, customisation and extensibility that only WordPress can provide, so follow this tutorial to move your site from Blogger and join the revolution.

Domainr Website

Search Domain Hacks On iPhone With

Domainr is an excellent service that is ideal for searching for available domains and domain hacks. They’ve now made an iPhone app so you can search on the go for the perfect domain name and even tell you where you can register it.

Enabling Switchy

Watching BBC iPlayer Outside the UK – Now Using Google Chrome

For anyone who loves both the BBC and Google Chrome as much as me, this is an invaluable tutorial for watching the BBC iPlayer anywhere in the world, using Chrome. It uses Tor, the Switchy! extension and a little configuration to get the right result


How to Post Links to Tweetie Quickly and Simply From Your iPhone

When you find an awesome article on your iPhone, you want to share it with the world right? Well, with this little trick, you can send the link straight into Tweetie, which will shorten it for you. Magic!


Watching the BBC iPlayer outside of the UK, safely and reliably

Being a British expat, I’ve long missed the BBC for high-quality and neutral news and programming. With this workaround, I can watch BBC shows, anywhere!


Post your Facebook Status Updates to Twitter automatically

It’s easy enough to post your Twitter updates to Facebook, but the reverse isn’t quite true. However, with sneaky trick, you can accomplish it quite easily.