Update your Profile with Gravity Forms

Allow Users to Update their Profile from the Front End with Gravity Forms


When you’re running a membership site, a very handy feature is the ability to allow your users to edit their profile from the front-end of the website. I grant you, you could always allow them to edit it from the back-end, but it’s more fluid and consistent if the page they edit their profile on is the same as the rest of the site.

After trying several plugins which just seemed to make it more complicated than it needed to be, I learned that the User Registration Add-on version 1.5+ for Gravity Forms allows you to not only create users, but it allows you to update users.

Using Gravity Forms add-ons requires a developer license, so be sure to get one of those (it pays for itself very quickly). Version 1.5 of the User Registration add-on is currently still in beta, so you need to download it directly from their website: neither the automatic update or installing it from the add-ons menu within WordPress will work.

Once it’s installed, you need to build the form that will accept the new user information, so add fields for every element of the profile that you want users to be able to change. Remember to use the appropriate advanced fields for names, emails and passwords. You can change any profile field already supported by the standard WordPress profile, and even add custom fields if you’ve created some.

Once that’s all set up, you now need to set up the “feed” that will take information from the submitted form and update the user’s profile. Go to Forms > User Registration and select New Feed. Choose “Update user” as the action (the user already exists and we’re just updating their information), then select the form that you just created and finally map the form fields to the corresponding profile fields.

Adding the Update Profile feed

And you’re done. You can now paste that form anywhere that signed-in users can access it and allow them to update their profiles.

Update your Profile with Gravity Forms

A few bonus features: with the password field, you can set a minimum required strength to ensure better security, and the fields also pre-populate with the profile data already on file, so that the users know what their profile already looks like.

Yet another invaluable feature of Gravity Forms

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  1. This looks quite nice. I’ve never really dug into Gravity Forms (although I should). I just finished creating a manual edit profile form for the upcoming AuthenticThemes – came out quite nicely, but I’m sure using a plugin might have been smarter ;)

  2. Heya – think this will work with added user fields? Like from the Types or EUF plugins?

  3. Hi

    Just a quick question as I’m trying to do this for our site!

    - Am i right in thinking that if I need to offer my users an upgrade their user account (e.g from basic @ £10 per month to enhanced @ £20 per month account) I wouldnt need to include all their name etc in the form as its already there – just the account type and amount?

    If this is the case could i offer a checkbox with the various levels then another checkbox which would automatically show the cost?

    Is that the right way to go? sorry I know its an old post but any help would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Any idea how we could do this for someone NOT logged in? We want the user to be able to update their info without being logged in, but instead, change it based on the email address they gave (which is also their username).

    • It would be a very different application, but it could be done. However, I’d strongly suggest against this, as anyone could tamper with your users’ information. You should only allow someone to update their profile while they’re logged in.

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